My name is Juana Cavaliere Silva and I am a mother to 3 girls.  I had an amazing home birth with my first, then delivered twins naturally in hospital . After two oxytocin fuelled births I had a calling and trained to become a Doula. I am very passionate about birth and I strongly believe it is a natural physiological process. It is also incredibly empowering and an important rite of passage for women. Any woman can birth, if given trust and the right environment for it. My work as a Doula is to protect that space.

I am a Clinical Psychologist in Brazil where I come from. I have been working as a psychotherapist in London for the last decade. I have trained as a Doula with Conscious Birthing and Paramanadoula, having the honour to meet Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers.

I am based in South East London, covering any area I can reach within an hour. I am a Doula UK recognised birth and postnatal doula.


‘Thank you so so so so soooooo much for all your help and support last week- both physical and emotional.  Digesting everything that happened, as it all happened so quickly, I feel really calm and matter of fact about it, rather than traumatised. And that is entirely down to your calm presence throughout the night and it’s really helped me feel ready to embrace the next challenges (slightly smaller ones!) that have come along.  And that’s from smaller things like dealing with stitches, to trying out public breast feeding today (although I learnt that next time, pick a chair with back support- not a bench!). So thank you so so much.  Our next appointments will probably consist of me saying thank you the whole time.’ Charlotte 
‘Juana was very reassuring, knowledgeable, making us feel comfortable from the start. Critically she made us both feel supported, so it was never all about me and my husband was championed to engage in the whole experience, which is what we wanted.  We are grateful and very satisfied, would highly recommend her services!’ Brian and Christa.


‘Juana has very pleasant personality, she is outgoing, has sense of humour and I felt very comfortable with her since the day we met. She has good knowledge about birth and everything connected to it, shows empathy and sincere support.She provided emotional support, distracted me from the hospital environment, took me on a walk outside the hospital, massaged my feet. Her presence made me feel comfortable and positive throughout labour, she communicated what is happening to my family.’ Daniela Savova

‘Juana has a lovely calm presence and a genuine desire to help mums at this special but vulnerable time of life. Her own experience as mum of three comes through and her knowledge about many aspects of parenting, careng for baby and a postnatal mum was extensive. She was very supportive and had some great suggestions, for example for caring for a baby with reflux.’ Anna Nakamura

‘Juana offered me a two-hour antenatal session during my due date week. This was a period when I was very sensitive but at the same time had found myself feeling emotionally disengaged from the upcoming birth and the birth process leading to it. Calm and reassuring, empathic, down to earth and very well-informed about all matters around birth, Juana gave me lots of information about my birth choices, birth positions and self-soothing techniques including how my partner could massage and support me throughout labour. By the end of the session I felt very well supported and more confident about what lies ahead! Not to mention the relaxing foot massage which rounded off the whole well-being experience!’         Sophia Berouka


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