A heavy human load or a bit of non-fiction

Mother of 3 - Mãe de 3

We had not left the house in two days. I promised myself and my 2 year old we’d go for a walk this morning. For my sanity and hers. It’s no simple task getting ready to go out with 4 month old twins and a toddler in the winter. It takes me a while to get everyone ready and wrapped warm whilst toddler runs around screaming and refusing to cooperate.

It was already 11am but I thought we could at least spend an hour outside before lunch time. I wasn’t going to give up easily. I thought to myself ‘I can do this!’ So first let’s get toddler ready. Jumper on. Good. Coat. Great this is going fast. Gloves. Takes ages to get her tiny little fingers in the right places. Hat. Where is the hat? Found it.
‘Put in on.’
‘No mummy.’
I put her hat on she takes…

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