Why hire a Doula?

A Doula provides women with confidence in childbirth. We support women emotionally and psychologically.  A Doula reassures a woman in labour by holding the space and allowing the oxytocin to flow. Oxytocin is the love hormone, key to the physiology of birth. If a Doula can support a woman in trusting her body and birthing without fear she will have done a great job! A Doula supports the birth partner too; she can be in charge of the practicalities of a home birth, or to advocate birth wishes in a hospital birth. She is there for the woman, not just for the baby, and will support her until the third stage ends and mother and baby are both happy, ideally skin to skin and breastfeeding .

Birth Doula?

I am keen to support pregnant women in labour, with singleton or multiples, by offering to orchestrate an oxytocin fuelled environment, wherever the woman feels safe. A woman needs to be protected from interferences. She needs to be allowed to birth. With empathic listening skills I can prepare women for labour, working through their birth story ( also knowns as blueprints) and support women both physically and emotionally during labour. Once mother and baby are happily bonded my job is done.

Post-Natal Doula?

Post Natal work is about helping the puerperal mother bond with her baby. Having breastfed my children exclusively, including twins, I am happy to share this experience. I have also experience in baby wearing. I can hold your baby for you to have a break, I can help with chores, I can listen and be there for you. My job will be to empower you to be the confident mother that you already are, but perhaps you are not aware yet!