Antenatal Support

Sessions are 2 hours long, ideally with your birth partner present so that we can all get to know each other and form a great team! Sessions also include information on childbirth, support making a birth plan, birth positions, talking through your preconceptions and ideas of labour, talking about fear and how it can interfere, talking about your birth wishes, and a really soothing foot massage.

The Oxytocin Birth

2 antenatal visits, on call from 38 weeks until birth, 1 post natal visit. On going support via phone/email. Recommended books available on loan.

The Second Time Birth

On call from 38 weeks until birth and one post natal visit.

Post Natal Doula

Sessions are catered to mother’s needs. I can support women with breastfeeding and baby wearing from my own experience. I can hold the baby for mum to have a break, sleep, or shower. I can unload the dishwasher and help you cook a healthy meal. I can listen, I can be there for you without you having to make me tea or entertain me ( like most guests). I will not be judgmental on your mothering skills. I will be there to help you and that’s all! Highly recommended for mother of multiples like me, as well as first and second time mums, of course.

Please Contact me for prices!